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Over the past decade, Ezyhome has helped in creating the dream homes of countless individuals and families. Glancing through our client base, we mainly provide interior design services in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Kota Bahru, Johor Bahru, Kuantan And Ipoh. However, we welcome any project in other states as we target to offer interior design services throughout Malaysia.
Spend some time to glance through our portfolio and know that Meridian Interior Design is capable in handling and managing various types of projects.
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What did our clients said?

Below are some of the testimonies from our clients:

Client: En. Awangku Mohd Khairul

"Variety of choices to choose from. Not only flooring but also wallpaper, sticker wallpaper, sticker for glass door and window, grass carpet and many more. Staff very helpful, attentive and well trained (BatuCaves)."

Client: Nur Ilanah Abdullah

"Berbaloi! Kami dah guna utk butik kami.. mmg tahan lasak.. & susah scratch, nak bersih pun senang.. dah hampir 2 tahun.. masih nampak baru alhamdulillah.. 😍"

Client: En. Amirul

"Kerja2 tukang pasang (installer) ada unsur ketelitian yg menjadikan pemasangan kt rumah kami kemas, cantik, dan memuaskan.Even sambungan-sambungan frame dan juga kecacatan halus pun akan ditutup dgn silicon dan filler yg matching dgn color lantai dan perabut built-in kami. Very satisfied! Well done EzyFloor for the good job n well done for having a good experienced installer � �"

Client: Cikgu Habsah

"Cucu Makcik memang suka baring & main di atas lantai Ezyfloor ini.. Kalau mereka jatuh pun pun, kepala tak benjul macam jatuh atas tiles"

Client: En. Faiz

"Memang sangat sesuai untuk anak-anak, design flooring ezyfloor memang cantik! Berbaloi la pasang, mudah & cepat siap. Terbaiklah Ezyfloor & Keep up the goodwork"

Client: En. Azme

"Saya memang sangat berpuas hati bila tengok rumah sudah siap dipaang dengan lantai Ezyfloor & keluarga saya semua berpuas hati. Ezyfloor .. Highly Recommended !"

"It's so easy to improve your house with just one call - EzyHome!"

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